Who we are

Rhonda Raad entered the property industry over forty years ago when she distinguished herself as the top estate agent at both the Board of Executors and Syfrets property divisions and was described in a special citation as those companies’ ‘highest achiever’ with expertise extending beyond sectional title to also include houses, townhouses, vacant land and rentals in all areas of the cape peninsula.

Rhonda established her own estate agency in Rondebosch in February 1986, RHONDA RAAD PROPERTIES CC, which has been marketing individual sectional title units and undertaking the sale and marketing of numerous major sectional title schemes for developers throughout the southern suburbs where her name is synonymous with the highest expertise and integrity, honesty and trust in the market place as well as dedication to the property industry.

Her company has, accordingly, sold thousands of units over the years and established enormous goodwill and professional trust among the public at large and the many property developers and financial institutions operating in the area. Her company is also able to provide clients with valuations which carry weight in the marketplace. Rhonda is not only a well-known figure in the southern suburbs of Cape Town but has been an active participant in the property industry where her advice is sought by both professionals and the public at large.

Her numerous clients over the years have testified to her marketing expertise and consistent and sincere attention given to each prospective buyer and seller for whose benefit she constantly strives. With her offices well situated in the heart of bustling Rondebosch, Rhonda’s RENTAL DIVISION oversees an ever-growing portfolio of rental properties under her agency’s management and care. Her professional record attests to her years of solid growth and standing as one of the longest selling sectional title agents in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and well beyond.